Baldan company was founded in 1948 close to Venice. The company launched its own international brand that become famous for its beautiful design and skilled craftsmanship. In addition to this, the company specializes in the production of women’s luxury footwear for the best fashion brands in the world.


The concept of family and the Italian tradition merged with the cutting-edge technology are the Baldan’s arteries. Over the time, Baldan increases its presence worldwide distributing in Asia, in Europe and in the USA.


The company maintains its tradition together with an innovative spirit. Over the years the peculiarity of the company remains the quality and the beauty of the shoes.

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Revolver Requeen Venexia is the new shoe brand created and produced within the Baldan company in an innovative and revolutionary context.


A high-end collection of feminine shoes running from 34 to 44 where the key word is seduction.


The Made in Baldan know how guarantees the high quality and excellence of the product.


Shoes hungry for culture that speak for themselves at first glance. Shoes that do not want to be unnoticed, but hypnotize creating desire.

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