January 30, 2019

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January 30, 2019

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Baldan Interview on Dorogoe magazine

February 24, 2016

Venice, where comes this brand, shoe craftsmanship owns one in three. Baldan dynasty given over Ages engaged in manufacturing footwear. So, in 1948 the brothers Giuseppe and Reno Baldan after training at the prestigious school of shoemaking Maestri calzaturieri della Riviera del Brenta to start production of women's shoes under his own name. And 40 years later, in 1988, their sons Andrea and Massimo Baldan replaced fathers in the family business. Now, Andrea, together with the design team engaged in the development of style and design, and the array mo - company management. And today Baldan - unique in its kind the Venice brand products which, for all its popularity is not so easy to find, because the company is creating a high- quality and exclusive shoes chennym limited edition. So for a pair of shoes from the new collection Baldan literally hunt the first beauty of the planet, and on cooperation with the dream of many famous brands.


What fashion brands cooperating company Baldan today?


Top fashion house recognized the superiority of the production process Baldan and decided to give us the creation of a part of their collections. As a result, today we are pleased to make shoes for fashion houses such as Christian Louboutin, Saint Laurent, Alexander Terekhov. And in the past we have worked productively with Chanel, Dior, Roger Vivier, Ermanno Scervino. And it was mutually beneficial cooperation, as work with the best designers was a very important step that will transform Baldan of the enterprise for the production of shoes in a real brand with modern design and own style.


What do you know about Russian climate entah and what do you expect from Novosibirsk ing shoppers ?


We love our of Russian buyers. They are extremely competent in matters of fashion , demanding, prefer to buy the most current model. This is a great incentive for the Italian cal manufacturers , who see value and wear their creations.


What, in your opinion about mood and tendencies for the next spring collection ?


The volume and proportions - these key ingredients of the new season. Kabluki and voluminous soles make new shoes today and become a must have in every woman's wardrobe.


By the way, in the seventies you entered first in the fashion a platform , combined with a heel . What other revolutionary discoveries you leave for me?


We believe that the revolutionary discoveries to be created at the factory during production already. We Experimenting with new structures and materials to further increase the level of our products Sit. We pay special attention to natural materials, to contribute to environmental protection.



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